• Greg&Rose Photography

    on January 11, 2021

    Nicely timed excellent shot

  • johnchapmanphotographer

    on September 21, 2017

    Hi, this is SUPERB.

  • God's Child

    on August 1, 2015

    I agree with your comment today on my "GO FOR THE GOLD" (The Metamorphosis) photo in the Daily Photos Community - much appreciated, always. I heard a minister in the early 1990's say that "For every day that we hold a grudge, our own sins go unforgiven - and that's the Bible!"

  • David Morrow

    on March 14, 2011

    Very cool gallary, I really love some of the work you have displayed here:)

  • 639633dogdreamzzz

    on February 18, 2011

    What a lovely, peace-invoking gallery...

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